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Body massages

Do you need some rest and relaxation, or maybe you are struggling with pain? Choose a body massage tailored to your needs. We offer standard massages, but also massages with chocolate, candles or stones.

Woman relaxing during a facial massage

Facial massages

It's a great way to get rid of stress, fatigue and tension. Facial massage can also improve skin elasticity and facial contours, support cleansing processes, and relax tense muscles. Are you focused on relaxation or do you care about anti-wrinkle effects? See what we can offer you.

Woman relaxing during a body ritual treatment

Body SPA treatments

Nourishment and hydration combined with relaxation and beautiful scents - this is the basis of our body rituals. These specialized treatments respond to the various needs of our guests, choose the best solution for yourself.

Woman relaxing during a facial treatment

Facial treatments

We combine modern face modeling technologies with the effects of specialized facial cosmetics. We offer lifting, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging as well as brightening and cleansing treatments.

SPA Packages

We use our experience to offer you SPA packages for couples, birthday and business packages. We combine our services to give you the opportunity to experience unique moments in the SPA and achieve the effect you care about most.

Physiotherapist performing a neck and shoulder treatment on a patient in a serene spa setting


Manual therapy, lymphatic drainage, therapeutic massage. We use techniques to release myofascial trigger points and deep tissue massage, which support the healing process by reducing pain, relaxing muscles and improving circulation.

Hands holding an elegant gift voucher with delicate typography and floral patterns

SPA passes

A series of treatments significantly improves the effects, which are visible already after the first treatment. Take care of yourself in the long term, choose the perfect pass for your needs.

Woman sitting on a special chair for an office massage

For Business

A corporate event at the SPA, or maybe vouchers for employees? You will find these and other services for companies in Chill City. In addition to our stationary offer, we also provide massages during events and in offices.

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About Us

There is incredible energy hidden in touch, touch brings relief, it is closeness, it is trust, touch is the best thing we can give each other.

The power of closeness to another person, this individual contact, the time we spend with each guest fuels our passion, teaches respect, brings joy and gratitude.

When the idea of ​​​​creating ChillCity Wellness & SPA came up, we didn’t think that we would be able to work together because we are like fire and water, we didn’t believe that we would do work that we wouldn’t call work, we didn’t know that there is so much good in people and willingness to help.

We have created a place based on the values ​​that guide us every day. Here you will find our love for nature and our native Podlasie. Our place smells of forest and Polish herbs, the walls are decorated with moss, beautiful wood fills the office spaces.

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