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Hen party at the SPA

Organizing a hen party is a real challenge. On the one hand, it is supposed to be an unforgettable moment for the future bride, on the other hand, you have to reconcile the ideas of all the ladies taking part in this event. Or maybe a hen party at the SPA?

Massages during a hen party – a new trend?

More and more often, organizers of surprises for the future bride decide to visit the SPA. Why is it worth it? On the one hand, a hen party at the SPA can be the main surprise and you can spend a few hours blissfully relaxing with your friends. On the other hand, SPA massages are often just an addition to the long event scenario. Check out our tips on how to organize an unforgettable hen party at the SPA.

Hen party at Chill City SPA

Our offer includes various ideas for a hen party at the SPA. We have a relaxation zone where guests can use a dry and steam sauna. We also prepare refreshments and drinks there. In the offices, ladies can enjoy massages, peelings, and body and face treatments. ChillCity is located in the NH Poznań hotel in the very center of Poznań. Therefore, we can diversify the hen party with a unique dinner in our restaurant, ending with an overnight stay in this charming place.
The big advantage of our SPA when it comes to organizing this type of events is the fact that it is located in the very center of the city. This provides great opportunities to create interesting hen party scenarios that will combine various types of attractions.

Wieczór panieński w SPA

When you are looking for a more varied scenario for your hen party at the SPA

We have already implemented very different hen party scenarios. To make such an event unforgettable, we can offer, among others: live music played in the relaxation zone on a magical handpan, aromatherapy workshops, a Somelier show or fashion workshops. We prepare individual scenarios for each of our guests.

Sample script and pricing

Most often, when deciding to organize such an event in a SPA, ladies choose an extended package of treatments for the bride, and they themselves use body or facial massages that last from 30 to 50 minutes. Everything is combined with time in the relaxation zone, where between massages, ladies use saunas and spend special time together. Prices for such an event start from as little as PLN 120 per person.

Do you want to check what we can offer you? Write to us for how many people we should prepare an offer for and what you are initially interested in.