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Learning massage for couples - an interesting idea for a date

Are you looking for an idea to be closer to each other, develop your relationship, learn more about yourself? Check if a couples massage course is something for you.

Is learning massage for couples becoming an increasingly popular way to spend a romantic date? It is a combination of relaxation, closeness and learning that can provide an incredibly unique experience. Instead of a traditional dinner in a restaurant or a movie, learning massage for couples offers spending time together and actively. Can you imagine a better date idea?

How does it look in practice?

At Chill City SPA Poznań, we have developed an original massage course program for couples, which combines not only practical knowledge of massage but also elements aimed at creating an atmosphere of closeness and getting to know the other person. The basic version of the course lasts approximately 3 hours and begins with a welcome with a glass of champagne and refreshments. The person conducting the training introduces the theory of massage and draws attention to the practical aspects of massaging together. The next step is the practical part, i.e. the massage. We present basic movements on one person, while the other repeats the movements after the therapist. In the next step, the people switch.

DURATION: 3 hours, COST: PLN 500 for 2 people

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Course for couples

Did you like the couples massage?

Do you want to extend your date? This is great because you can still benefit from massages performed by Chill City SPA therapists and check how you feel the movements of other massages performed by professionals. You can also relax in the relaxation zone where you have a dry and steam sauna at your disposal, or stay overnight in our SPA Poznań hotel.

Do you want to develop further?

The basic couples massage course is just the beginning. If you want to expand your skills in this area, we will prepare individually selected proposals for you. Start your massage adventure with us!