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Physiotherapy Poznań


We diagnose, treat and rehabilitate patients suffering from various types of diseases conditions associated with musculoskeletal pain. Our goal is to restore the proper functioning of the body, eliminate pain, improve the patient’s fitness and quality of life, and prevent injuries. During therapy, the therapeutic methods used are tailored to each patient individually, and the patient is treated holistically.

Physiotherapy for adults

In our daily practice, we support our patients in getting rid of pain and difficulties related to their ability to move.

Medical massage

Therapeutic massage, a specialized method of manual therapy that is a comprehensive solution for the patient's health.

Sports massage

Increasing efficiency, improving the body's regenerative abilities and relieving muscle tension are the basic tasks we set ourselves during this massage.


It is a therapy based on the use of elastic tapes that are placed on the skin in specific places. The tapes help stabilize and support muscles, joints and tissues

Medical training

An individual exercise program developed by a physiotherapist with the client's health and specific needs in mind.

Temporomandibular joint therapy

This therapy is addressed to people who suffer from pain and discomfort around the face and bite, such as jaw clenching, bruxism, or problems with recurrent headaches.