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Karta lojalnościowa wręczana podczas wizyty w SPA

SPA passes

Many therapies and treatments are cumulative, meaning that the health or beauty benefits increase as treatments are performed regularly.

A series of treatments allows you to achieve better and longer-lasting results. A series of treatments allows you to adjust the therapy to the patient’s individual needs and problems, which may be difficult in a single visit.

Additionally, regular visits allow you to monitor progress more closely and adjust solutions as needed. A series of treatments can help create a healthy habit of self-care, which is key to long-term health and wellness.

And also extremely important – the pass is more profitable than a single visit – check out our proposals, and if you do not find the perfect solution for yourself, use our loyalty program, find out more:

Masaż bańką chińską


Cellulite STOP

This is a treatment series combining anti-cellulite massages using Chinese cupping with treatments drawing their power from Italian cosmetics from the Shusa brand.


Anti Age Plus

This is a treatment series combining the unquestionable effects of the Japanese Kobido face lifting with the spectacular effects of the use of the non-invasive Trio MML face modeling technology.

Physiotherapist performing a neck and shoulder treatment on a patient in a serene spa setting


It won't do itself

We create a treatment plan with the patient, including a specific number of visits. Regular visits allow for consistent delivery of therapy, allowing for gradual improvement and adjustments to the plan depending on the patient's progress.