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Terapeutka Spa wykonująca masaż pleców klientki.
Body SPA treatments Poznań

Body SPA treatments

Luxurious SPA treatments thanks to which you will experience exceptional relaxation. Our personalized rituals combine ancient relaxation techniques with modern skin care methods.

Our SPA body rituals include a wide range of treatments, from deeply relaxing massages to moisturizing and cleansing treatments that restore the skin’s radiance and elasticity. Each of our treatments is designed with your comfort and excellent well-being in mind.

Experience a full range of SPA rituals that will not only relax your body, but also take care of your skin while relaxing your mind. Take a break from everyday life and immerse yourself in the luxury of our professional treatments.

Moisturizing SPA treatments

  • In the tropical garden of Taraho'i
  • Nutri Shot
  • Green power
  • Other
Kobieta trzymająca w rękach bańkę chińską i prezentująca kosmetyki do masażu ujędrniającego.

Firming SPA treatments

  • A journey in Brazilian rhythms
  • Smooth Touch
  • Beauty Boost
  • Other
Kobieta podczas rytuału na ciało

Rejuvenating SPA treatments

  • Summer evening on the French River
  • Young Flow
  • Sea CEREMONY Harmony with Nature
  • Other

Body Scrubs

The author's Detox Vitality peeling - a combination of Dead Sea salt, shea nilotica butter and a unique composition of aromatherapy oils.