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Bloomea facial modeling

Skin modeling, created by two French plastic surgeons, was perfect in the hands of cosmetologists

Due to its unique combination of innovative techniques and technologies, Bloomea has been registered as a device operating in the new TRIO M.M.L. technology.
This is a unprecedented combination:

  • chemical action with
  • mechanical action enriched with
  • biostimulation and
  • introducing active substances
Modeling skóry Bloomea

This is the principle of operation of this treatment

MACROEXFOLIATION – is defined as chemical-mechanical exfoliation.
Chemical – thanks to a special exfoliating mixture that covers the so-called tips.
Mechanical – in the sense of the movements (number of transitions) that the therapist performs and the pressure with which he performs these movements.

The selection of the appropriate tip, the number of passes and the pressure force determine the treatment effect: from delicate refreshment, through cleansing, anti-age treatments, to a strong resurfacing effect and scar reduction.
The distinguishing feature of this exfoliation method is its homogeneity, i.e. very good exfoliation
evenly over the entire treated surface.

Macroexfoliation is a stage that leads to secondary keratinization of the epidermis and causes controlled inflammation of the skin

MICROVIBRATION – i.e. high-molecular oscillation – stimulates the skin to work, allows the channels to open, and accelerates the penetration of active substances. This stage is connected to the Bloomea device and the active substances that are introduced intradermally in this phase of the treatment.

Vibrations produce a specific effect:

  • They stimulate blood microcirculation and thus facilitate the absorption of active substances from the administered preparations
  • They lead to the unsealing of hydrophilic channels
  • They cause endogenous heat, which affects the process of thickening already existing chains collagen or the process of neocollagensis, i.e. stimulation of the production of new collagen – a protein responsible for skin tension and firmness.

LUMINOTHERAPY – uses infrared with a wavelength of 633nm. It accelerates the reconstruction of collagen chains and multiplies them. At the same time, it multiplies elastin and fibroblasts.

Red light 633nm:

  • penetrates deep into the dermis
  • has anti-wrinkle properties
  • oxygenating and nourishing the skin
  • stimulates microcirculation in the skin

With a wide range of treatments, it spectacularly reduces:

  • discoloration
  • signs of aging
  • scars
  • stretch marks


  • luminous, radiant skin

  • glow effect!

  • long-lasting, even tan

  • taut, smooth skin

Already after the first one treatment!