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Cellulit STOP

This is a treatment series combining anti-cellulite massages using Chinese cupping with treatments drawing their power from Italian cosmetics from the Shusa brand.

The first visit will begin with an assessment of the type of cellulite and its severity in order to individually select a way to combat this challenge.

The five-visit package is expected to bring the following effects:
– reduce cellulite in sensitive areas of our body
– reducing swelling and swelling,
– removal of accumulated toxins
– improving the elasticity and appearance of the skin

The package includes 3 anti-cellulite massages using Chinese cupping and 2 Oro Nero or Oro Rosso treatments, depending on the problem we are dealing with.

It would be best if they were performed approximately 7 – 14 days apart. A single visit lasts approximately 60 minutes.

Package cost: PLN 820 paid once

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