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Office massage

Office massages are gradually becoming a permanent part of corporate life. Employees who spend long hours in front of a computer, maintaining one position, often experience pain in the spine area.

The introduction of massage as a form of health prevention fits perfectly into the concept of employee well-being.

Arranging an office massage is easy and quick. The employer only needs to reserve an appropriate room.

As part of our office massages, we provide:

  • promotion of the event and educational materials for employees
  • possibility of booking a massage online by employees
  • massage stations in the workplace
  • qualified therapists with many years of experience
  • professional aromatherapy and other elements that deepen relaxation

We perform 2 types of massages at work:


  • It is performed on a special chair
  • Without having to take off your clothes
  • Without using olive oil


  • It is performed on a massage table
  • On the exposed area of ​​the body
  • Using massage cream (you can put on clothes after the massage)


  • After the massage, the employee can immediately return to his or her duties
  • The length of the massage is individually adjusted according to the comany preferences and lasts from 15 minutes in the case of an office massage and from 30 minutes in the case of a therapeutic massage.
  • We provide all the elements necessary for the massage
  • We provide promotional and educational materials
  • Our physiotherapists also provide tips during the session on improving employee working position and possible exercises
Kobieta siedząca tyłem na specjalnym krześle do masażu biurowego,