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Anti Age Plus

This is a treatment series combining the unquestionable effects of the Japanese Kobido face lifting with the spectacular effects of the use of the non-invasive Trio MML face modeling technology.

The synergy of these two solutions in a package of five visits is aimed at:
– reduce wrinkles
– improve the oval of the face
– brighten the skin and restore its beautiful, natural color
– deeply moisturize and replenish losses in the skin’s natural hydrolipid coat
– build a valuable habit of taking care of yourself and your natural appearance.

The package includes 3 Kobido facial massages and 2 Bloomea facial modeling treatments.

It would be best if they were performed approximately 14 days apart. A single visit lasts from 60 to 80 minutes, depending on the procedure.

Package cost: PLN 1.200 paid once