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For Business

For companies that focus on the health and well-being of employees, we develop corporate wellness solutions.

We analyze the needs of companies and their staff to adapt programs to the specificity and nature of a given organization.

Our initiatives are based on areas such as physiotherapy, dietetics, psychology, sports and medicine.

We offer comprehensive project support, from proposals for activities and their schedule, through promotion among employees, platforms for registering for activities, to the provision of equipment, involvement of an experienced team of specialists and original educational materials.

Woman sitting on a special chair for an office massage

Office massage

A 20-minute chair massage performed by a therapist at work gives regeneration similar to an hour-long nap. We provide massages in offices and other workplaces, and also during various events.

SPA integration

Chill City SPA Poznań offers integration stays in the SPA zone, where you can use the relaxation zone with saunas (dry and steam) as well as massages and body and face treatments.

Szukasz idealnego prezentu? Bon do SPA!

Company vouchers

A SPA voucher is the perfect solution if you are looking for a gift for one employee, e.g. for a birthday, anniversary or promotion, but also as a thank you for your cooperation.

Event support

Chill City SPA Poznań provides support for various types of events through massage performed on specialized massage chairs. Qualified staff of physiotherapists and masseurs perform massages both at corporate events and promotional events, ensuring the attractiveness of company stands during fairs, congresses and other events.

Corporate Wellness

In 2019, when Chill City SPA Poznań organized the first conference on building an employer brand using Corporate Wellness, we decided to create a separate company that offers individual programs and tools for managing employee well-being.

As part of Keep Well, we cooperate with a group of experts with whom we build offers that are
a response to the needs of customers who need support in the area of ​​corporate wellness.

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