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SPA treatments

Firming SPA treatments

Firming SPA treatments Poznań

A journey in Brazilian rhythms

cellulite reduction, slimming

The hot rhythms of Brazil will make you dance, awakening your senses. Argan nut shell powder and mango butter guarantee smooth and moisturized skin.

Arabica coffee, guarana, algae and yerba mate are a mixture that perfectly pre-trains and stimulates the body, stimulating the reduction of fat tissue.

Active ingredients:
Mango butter: softens and soothes, leaves a satin finish on the skin. Argan Shell: Promotes exfoliation by gently removing dead cells and impurities. Guarana – rich in coffee, theobromine, vitamins and trace elements. Guarana has stimulating and tonic properties. This Amazonian powder promotes the hydrolysis of triglycerides stored in adipocytes (fat cells) and their release. Mate leaf: originates from South Africa and its concentration of vitamins, caffeine and nutrients helps reduce excess weight and cellulite. Ground coffee beans: stimulates lipolysis and thus reduces fat storage. Sunflower oil: rich in beta-carotene, the oil helps restore the skin’s moisture and, thanks to its anti-aging properties, protects against the first signs of aging by fighting free radicals.

Stages of the treatment: whole body peeling, mask-wrapping, anti-cellulite massage with particular emphasis on the buttocks and thighs.

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  • Price
    100 minutes
    390 PLN

Smooth Touch

slimming ritual

Do you miss summer, do you want your skin to be firm and sun-kissed? Oriental scent notes of orange and cinnamon contain a combination of active ingredients and plant oils that fight the primary causes of cellulite, leaving the skin smooth and firm.

The wealth of natural oils: baobab, sunflower and carrot prevents the skin from drying out, blueberry wax strongly moisturizes, and bitter orange flower macerate revitalizes and soothes irritations. Aloe used in the ritual has an antioxidant effect.

Active ingredients: carrot oil, baobab oil, sunflower oil, aloe extract, chasteberry extract, orange blossom macerate, blueberry wax, vitamin E.

Treatment stages: whole body salt peeling, 50-minute anti-cellulite massage using Chinese cupping, nourishing balm.

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  • Price
    90 minutes
    350 PLN

Beauty Boost

rituals with el. lymphatic drainage

Beauty Boost rituals were created to provide the skin with maximum hydration, renewal and firming. The cosmetics used in the ceremony contain an unusually large number of botanical extracts that nourish the skin, stimulate renewal processes and protect it against free radicals.

Green coffee oil and bergamot extract support cellulite reduction. Dried cinnamon bark extract, lime peel extract, tonka bean extract and vanilla extract are strong antioxidants, while Damask rose extract slows down the aging process and soothes irritations. Natural plant oils: argan, macadamia, safflower, jojoba and shea butter moisturize and regenerate the skin.

Active ingredients: Shea butter, argan oil, macadamia oil, bergamot extract, dried cinnamon bark, clove flower buds, lime peel, jasmine flowers, tonka bean, damask rose, vanilla, thyme, safflower , from green coffee seeds, Vitamin E

Treatment stages: whole body salt peeling, 50-minute massage with lymphatic drainage elements

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  • Price
    90 minutes
    350 PLN