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Regular visits to a physiotherapist are an integral element of comprehensive health care, contributing to more effective treatment, minimizing the risk of recurring symptoms and improving the patient’s overall quality of life.

We start a package of sessions with a physiotherapist by preparing an individual physiotherapy plan, determining the main areas requiring support, setting goals and determining the time scope of physiotherapy.
Regular visits allow us to track your progress. Thanks to this, we can adapt techniques, exercises and therapy intensity to effectively respond to current needs and changes in health.

The package includes 5 or 10 visits to a physiotherapist, an individual therapy plan, a set of exercises to perform independently, educational materials and a consultation on workplace ergonomics.

Ideally, visits should take place approximately 7 – 14 days apart. A single visit lasts approximately 60 minutes.


Cost of a package of 5 visits: PLN 675, paid once
Cost of a package of 10 visits: PLN 1,200 paid once

Physiotherapist performing a neck and shoulder treatment on a patient in a serene spa setting