Summer SPA ceremonies

Feel the holiday relaxation in the heart of the bustling city. Deeply relaxing SPA ceremonies will bring relaxation and give energy. By stimulating each of the five senses, they will bring back the most beautiful holiday memories.

Hawaiian ceremony of five senses

Pleasure is a necessary element in regaining health and natural harmony. When we experience it, the body relaxes, releases tensions, the energy flows much more freely through the body. Therefore, a pleasant, respectful touch is the basis of the five senses ceremony.
The two-hour ceremony begins with a welcome cocktail of Hawaii, followed by a body scrub with aromatic collagen salt. After preparing the body for deep relaxation, the therapist performs an exotic massage of the whole body, lomi lomi nui, lasting about 75 minutes. The masseur works with the flow of energy in the body, and his task is to stimulate life energy, strengthen and regenerate the body, and restore the peace and balance on the emotional level. The whole ritual is accompanied by Hawaiian relaxation music.

Sea ceremony Harmony with Nature

Extremely relaxing body-based ritual based on improving the flow of energy in the body. Its effect is to relieve all kinds of muscle pain and nervous tension pain. It perfectly supports the circulatory system, improving its functioning. Relaxing aromas of marine plants support the body and mind in the process of deep relaxation.
The whole two-hour ceremony begins with a half-hour session in steam and / or dry saunas. Then the therapist performs a half an hour body alga peeling. The key element of the ceremony is an hour-long body massage performed with warm stones.