Sun-Ready Skin – a summer novelty

Going on hoiday? Are you planning to tan beautifully? Prepare your skin for the sun, check out the new face ritual

Take care of an even tan, strengthen hydration, refresh and protect. Therefore, start the summer with the Sun-Ready Skin face ritual.

What is the latest Sun-Ready Skin face ritual? It is a combination of vitamins, hyaluronic acid, collagen and the unique TRIO M.M.L. So, apart from the visible effects after the first treatment, pleasure and relaxation became the starting point when creating this ritual for you.

Why do we need to strengthen our skincare in the summer?

UV radiation, high temperature, wind or salt water are just a few elements that affect our skin in the summer. Therefore, without proper preparation of the skin, we can feel excessive dryness and roughness, the skin can also become more oily, which in turn will lead to dehydration.

What does the Sun-Ready Skin face ritual give us?

First of all, and the most important issue is refreshing, which significantly increases the degree of penetration of active substances. The aim of the treatment is deep hydration, protecting against skin aging processes.

The second issue is to protect the skin from discoloration caused by the sun. After the treatment, the skin visibly brightens and brightens, giving the so-called. glow effect.

Number three is relaxation. Although the treatment gives amazing results, it is very pleasant to feel. Facial massage performed during the treatment is as important a stage as cleansing or introducing active substances.

The effects of the face ritual are guaranteed by rich active substances.

The secret of the Sun-Ready Skin ritual is an original vitamin cocktail, which includes collagen in combination with two Mansarda serum products. One based on glabradine, arbutin and kojic acid – we protect the skin against discolorations, brighten and strengthen the skin in terms of color. The leading active substance of the second serum is hyaluronic acid, which is supposed to replenish the lack of hydration in the epidermis and give a lifting and filling effect.

The power of technology, or what guarantees the effect of the Sun-Ready Skin face ritual

What is the modern TRIO M.M.L. technology? This is an unprecedented combination:

  • chemical action with
  • enhanced mechanical action
  • laser biostimulation
  • and the introduction of active substances

The key 3 stages of work in this technology are:

MACROEXFOLIATION – is defined as chemical and mechanical exfoliation. The basis for the perfect refreshment.
MICROVIBRATION – i.e. high-molecular oscillation – stimulates the skin to work, allows the opening of the tubules, accelerates the penetration of active substances.
LUMINOTHERAPY – uses infrared with a wavelength of 633nm. It accelerates the reconstruction of collagen chains and multiplies them. At the same time, it multiplies elastin and fibroblasts.
Want to know more about TRIO M.M.L. – read our article.

See the effects of work in TRIO M.M.L.

The Sun-Ready Skin facial ritual lasts 60 minutes and costs PLN 350

Taking care of your facial skin in the summer is extremely important to keep it healthy and beautiful. With proper care, you can enjoy radiant, hydrated and protected skin all summer long.

Prepare your skin for the summer and enjoy its charms without worrying about the negative effects of sunbathing.