Incredible energy is hidden in human touch. Touch brings relief, closeness, trust. Touch is the best thing we can give eachother.

The power of intimacy with another human being, this individual contact, the time we spend with each of our guests fuels our passion, brings joy and gratitude.
When the idea of ​​creating ChillCity Wellness & SPA appeared, we did not think that we would be able to work together because we are like chalk and cheese. We didn’t expect we would have a job that we would consider a passion. We did not know that there was so much good in people, so much willingness to help us.
We have created a place based on the values ​​we follow every day. In Chill City you will find our love for nature and Podlasie – the place of our origin. Chill City smells of forest and Polish herbs, the walls are decorated with moss, beautiful wood fills our interiors.

Our place

ChillCity is a gift for body and spirit. It’s a shelter in the very center of the city. In the elegant and atmospheric interiors of over a century-old tenement house on Święty Marcin Street where ChillCity is located you can enjoy not only SPA treatments, but also saunas – dry and steam, relaxation zones and fitness rooms. What’s more, Święty Marcin 67 is also the address of a four-star NH Poznań hotel, a place with beautiful rooms and a restaurant with sophisticated cuisine. At Święty Marcin 67 you can pamper each of your senses, take care of your well-being, give yourself and your loved ones  unique moments of relaxation.

Our team

As a business duo, but more importantly as life partners, thanks to what we do at ChillCity we create great energy, we teach our children that happiness is at hand when we love ourselves and others, when we enjoy the rising sun, the smell of the forest.
We share with you our energy, smile and joy of life. Our goal is to teach about the role of the human body in the concept of holistic care, we promote the philosophy of wellness as a value for the spirit, body and mind.

Our products

For all our massages, body and facial rituals and treatments we use cosmetics from Polish producers who offer only natural products of the highest quality. In ChillCity you will be pampered with cosmetics from Mokosh and Herla i.e. cosmetics made from carefrully selected raw materials and having a beautiful fragrance. Selecting products used for our trademark  treatments, we are guided by simplicity of nature, hence we support regional products.